Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday STILL LIFE ~~and Stash

Hi everybody~~ Its Saterday today!

First of all, I have to say Thank you so much for helping
AIDS Life-Cycle buying my stitch marker to help Krystfor to 547mile in 7days bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.
He still need a youguys help with this ride, PLEASE send donations...such as yarn, knitted good and other handmade goods!! CHECK HERE to donation.

Saturday STILL LIFE talking about knitting Pod CAST..
I injoy rocking does my favorite
Knitting Cast!!! CHECK IT OUT!!

1.Lime and Violet - SUCH funny podcaster.....Lime and Violet are awesome!!
2.CraftBorg - Hosted by Julie Persinger and Rosemary Waits
3.The Mosh Knit- Punk RockKnitting Cast!!
4.Irie Knit - Knitting Yoga exercise and knitting talk.
5.Stash and Burn - New pod-cast just came out!!
6. It's Purl, Man - "Guido" He is interviewing yarn shope and knit designer
7. KnitWit - Another grreat podcast...Talks about spinning and yarn.

8. Cast-On - A Podcast for knitters - by Brenda Dayne, I love her voice.
9.Math4knitters - She is great...A podcast about math for knitters

if wait to listen does PodCast check HERE

I was listening new pod cast "Stash and Burn" 1st and 2nd Episode, they are talking about there stash, Jenny and Nicole's Stash(Check the pic out)....I just shocked by the all the stash they have..I got soo surprised, i almost dead and didnt get up!!!

Nicole was counting the yardage for all yarn stash she have.. heard
she is saying that 120,000yrd total? way..

After listening there cast, i start take out boxs boxs of my stash..
LOOK AT DOES STASH!!! NO Endless here!!!

I think this is all the yarn company fault!!!
So much of new yarn coming out,,
I can not stand to buy all the great yarn!

Sooooooooooo much stash...I feel like surround by yarn attack!!!!
By the way....i just order new yarn $30 worth...

I try to have a yarn diet but i teach at yarn store...
I can't stop looking at the yarn they have!!!
I just talk to Ann owner of 'Hissy Knit" (place i teach)
she is saying new yarn
came!! So iam going to next to
buy some more yarn!

MORE YARN!! Five boxs of full of yarn! What can I do?

Another boxs of yarn....I think iam Yarn Disorder I mean "yarncoholic" people! post..I will post my lace socks iam working on! See ya!


Elemmaciltur said...

Oh my freaking God, Charles! And I thought I was bad. :-p Absolutely puny comparing to you.

Mistress of the knits said...

that's a lot of yarn!!! great blog.

pinsandneedles said...

yarn attack in deed!

HollyEQQ said...

Love the yarn porn!! Amazing how much we have when you bust it all out. Yours is all gorgeous.
Isn't it funny how we tend to buy similar colors.....