Friday, October 19, 2007

NEW Interweave Knits Holiday CAME OUT!

I guess everybody knitting a holiday gift right now...I know...I don't belive we have only two month left from Christmas. I am really bad didn't start any holiday project for my family. Been searching and looking at the pattern online, finally find the great pattern for my holiday gift.
I whet to book store tuesday, I find new Interweave KNIT "Holiday Gifts" issue! You can see the green color cover of the page. I like everything in the Holiday Gift issue and all the patterns are great! Every patterns are great, not a single pattern are horrible(I mean ugly) Truthfuly, I what to knit everything in this new issue really bad!
*If your subscribers to Interweave Knits won't automatically receive this special issue So remember to buy at bookstore or yarn shop!

Ok What's in the NEW Interweave Knit NEW "Holiday Gift" issue:

"Needle-Felted Messnger Bag" by Leigh Radford
Great pattern for new into needle felting(Only the pattern in the frount of the bag)

"Sweetheart Socks" by Chrissy Gardiner
Really heartwarming sock pattern for your sweetie, mom and your lover!

"Socks For VERONLK" by Mona Schmidt
Easy arrowhead lace stitch and simple gater cuff!

"Little GEM Mitts" by Donna Kay
A tiny stranded color work motif show rich shetlnad color aginst a cool gray background!

"Annetrelac Sock" by Sandy Beadle
Lovey and simple annetrelac sock with hand-dye socks yarn!

"Big And Little Ski Sweaters" by Donna Druchunas and Debbie O'Neill
Big O traditional sweater for cold winter day and ski ride.

"Twisted Stitch Gauntlets"

by Deborah Newton Great complex motifs glove patter for madams!

"Koolhaas Hat" by Great guy designer Jared Food

Brooklynteed at

Great geometic pattern inspired by the architecture.

"Elliott the Dragon" by Jil Eaton

Cute and charming hand puppet great gift for kids!

"Classic Teddy Bear" by Mary Ann Gebhardt

Old Fashioned vintage bear for little baby!

"The Cansy Stripes Kerchief" by Ket Coyle

With furry angora yarn with simple strip design for over the soulders!

"December Lights Tam" by Mary Jane Mucklestone
Scottish Fair Isle color work with eight different color!

"Garter Mug Cozies" by Catht Carron
You can but cheap mug at the store and knit some cozies round them! What a great gift! GREAT idea!

"Dragon-Skin Warp" by Angela Hahn
Great lace warp from Angela Awesome baby warp for baby girl!

"Fireside Stocking" by Kate Gilbert

Color work Holiday stocking with snowflake

Go over to bookstore buy some Interwave Knit "Hoilday Gifts" Issue and knit some great hoilday gifts!

Injoy..And Knit Hard!

This preview brought you by cool awesome Charles(HAHAHA That's me!)


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the pictures. now i know if i should buy it or not.

pins&needles said...

I must run to the nearest LYS, right now for that magazine!

KnitXcorE said...

i love that messenger bag!