Sunday, October 14, 2007

Irish Hiking Scarf and Me!

Hey everybody! I finally manage to finsh Irish Hiking Scarf for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Iam looking fine in this scarf..and make me cute!

Pattern : "Irish Hiking Scarf" by Hello Yarn

Yarn : Bernet "Cashmere" New yarn in Fall

Yardage : Four skein total 421yd using "Petal" Pink color

Total spent : $30 (It's Cashmer yarns)

Needle : Denise Needle Size 8(5mm)

Project Duration : 09/19/2007 - 10/13/2007

: For October "Breast Cancer Awareness" Canter

It came out really nice! Been sick for three week..
This scarf took me almost month to finsh knitting a scarf.

My fall lonely looks!

Cool shot!

Iam is so cute, Don't youguys think so?

Yarn Porn this Week:

Last week, I got my Opal yarn for really cheap price! I was looking to bid on socks yarn on ebay...One of seller listed $7.50 for now price and free shipping! So I got a two skein right alway! What a GREAT deal!

Opal 4 ply "Dream Catcher" Color #2136

Opal 4 ply "Handpainted" #21

New Pattern for This Week:

Dave from "Criminy Jickets" published free sock pattern!
Everybody know who is Mama-E is. She is great hand dyed yarn dyer. For her boy's socks yarn line, Dave creat a great Ridges and Ribs Socks pattern, supporting with her boy socks yarn. Buy some her boy socks yarn, knit some great Dave's Ridges and Ribs Socks!

Song of the week:

Song : "New Obsession" Free download mp3

Artist : Nyles Lannon

Album : Pressure, 2007

From : San Francisco, CA

Style : Folk, Indle Rock

Have a great week everybody!
Knit hard~~~~


DAWN said...

That scarf is so cushy and soft looking. I am not a "pink girl" but that shade is very soft and pretty. You look very refined in it. Hope you are feeling better and you have a great week, too.

ashley said...

The scarf looks great! Hope you're feeling better and schoo isn't getting in the way of life too much. :)

turtlegirl76 said...

THe scarf looks great! And that you finished it in a month is awesome! It felt like it took me forever when I made it!

Shannon said...

Looks great-you are the cutest!

KnitXcorE said...

kyoooooot! the scarf looks gr8, charles!
that yellow & brown opal yarn is amazing.
u rock.

sunneshine said...

The scarf looks great Charles! I love the color... It looks great on you!

pins&needles said...

Awesome scarf!

luv Abby said...

cute scarf.... well done
luv Abby

Andy's Crafts said...

NIce scarf, hate the pop ups, they are actually very trashy ads

knittinhoney said...

awesome job and it looks great on you!

Karen said...


The pink scarf is just beautiful:) I am going to try and do the pattern. I have not been knitting lately, because of my new job. Thank you very much, for sharing the pictures of the beautiful pink scarf:)