Friday, October 26, 2007

FIRE Sewing Project and Socks Done!

Sorry youguys for late posting! You know Californa having a fires problem... Our area Canyon Country have been a big fire attack, no power, no phone and no internet for three days. Last sunday, it was started and became large fire afternoon..You can see the pic on top. I leave in below from the mountin side where the fire start. Around 20 houses from inside country side is burn. Still sky is all over the smoke and school closed for three days..I really feel bad because my friend house totlly attack by the fire...everything is gone. Really sad to see him.

You can see the fire at frount of the the house. I was really scary because fire is growing big every hour with windstorm. It was really hard to fireman to stop the fire over 4000 acrc. Fire is set down in out area, but still San Diego area is burning. SD is the most area fired 1500 house burnd and destroyed. I hope fire is stop soon and we really need help does there house destroyed and lost everything.

Back to my knitting and sewing project:

I was cleaning my bookcase last week..I found this: "Toys to Sew" by Claire Garland. I rememerber I brought this book last year for my niece's toy. So i decied to make for my brother..He like to collect japanese doll so.

Looking at the book, I found this cute bear doll called "Bear in Waistcoats". Let me interoduce "Jesse" and "Toby" the Bear. So cute dont youguys think..I been sewing does guys by hand not using sewing machine. I really like does guys came out!

So here is how I made it:

I cut out pattern from the book (I photo copyed pattern from the book and trace on red paper. Then hold the cut out with felt cut togther. Also cut out mouth part and waistcoat.

Next, hand sewed month part then hand stitched nose sand mouth. On book say I have to stuffed up and finshed whole part first then sew the mouth, nose and mouth. But this not make sense.. Because the boby part will be hard to sew and needle will be broken.

After sewing the face, hand sew around the body so stuffing will not show into the hole.

Leave about 2 in between leg and body part for stuff for stuffing.

Then stuff the bear carefully goes inside of ears, arms and legs. Then sew up the opening part tightly.

Done...You can see Toby is naked. He need a cloth to cover up! So you could use pattern from the book or creat your self cut out outfit your bear. I made a waistcoat like a pic from the book then put the button on. So cute! There is my babys!

Toby is helping me pick out some yarn Iam going to use for fingerless glove.

And Jesse helping me knitting a socks! Look at does face! Mmmm Cute!

And also finally long time due finshing my one side of "River Rapid" Socks.
Socks came out beautifully and i have to finsh another side of socks soon!

Pic came out really dark I have to take a another pic, after other side is finshed. CHECK OUT BIGGER PIC!

Iam using LORNA'S LACE Shepherd Sport color #18 Watercolor I brought from ebay seller "Yarnbow" two skein for $6.99! What a great deal!

Another side view of River Ripid Socks.Color came out great!

Song of the Week:

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Song: "Had Not A Body"

Artist: The Cotton Jones Basket Ride

Genre: Folk, POP, Blue

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Eric & Tony said...

The socks look great; the bears are adorable.

Stay safe.

KnitXcorE said...

those bears are adorable!
the sock isn't bad either!

those fires are scary, stay safe buddy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm just glad that you're ok!!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

SOOOO glad that you're OK - sorry to hear about your friends house - these fires have been horrible for everyone! - I think that the firefighters have done such a great job saving as much as they could -

very glad you are safe :)