Friday, September 07, 2007

This beanie make me cute!

Hey verybody! I guessing youguys are injoying the really hot wather in September.Yek! I know! It is so hot outside over 100 degree...I dont think it's not going to be cool down like fall use to do!

Anyway, I have a one announcement to make, I will be teaching a yarn dyeing class next Saurday 15th at "Hissy Knit"! Check out my class online. I had a great class on last August class(Youguys can see the pic HERE)...And next week coming up class will be much better! If youguys in LA area, please come and take a great yarn dyeing class! Shop website is And my class are listed HERE!

Taking about my knitting, I just finsh knitting a beanie with my hand dyed yarn. Just easy simple hat pattern and great for fall coming aroud the corner!

Pattern: "Stremlined Sporty"

Book: Hat Gloves Scarves by Louisa Harding

Yarn: Hand-dyed my own merno wool

Yardage: About 150yd (220yd in skein)

Needle: 7 US/29 in Boye Cirular Needle

Project Duration: 08/20/2007 - 09/02/2007

Recipient: Me! Sample of dyeing class!

The pattern is seem hat after knit the hat piece then sew decreass two side of the hat together. I think it is much easyer for me to not to use two diffent size of DPN and saw it toghter.

This beanie make me cuter? Don't you think!

Dame! Iam cute!

Side view of beanie!

Awesome pic of me!

Great beanie and yarn! The yarn will be listed on my Etsy shop! Iam really sorry about youguys waitting for such long time waitting for opening my Esty store. I will promise open my shop end of this month becacuse of busy working and school, dont have a time! Sorry!

Music of the Week:

Song your listening right now

Song: "Tall Trees"

Artist: Lost in the Trees

Album: Time Taunts Me EP

Style: Guitar-Based Folk, Pop. Alt Rock


Andy's Crafts said...

Loe the beanie, it makes you very cute. Great job. You did a great job dyeing the yarn.

Knit Picking said...

I LOVE that beanie. Your yarn is amazing. I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! (this is what my little niece used to say when she really liked something).

Marlena said...

Your beanie is great! Of course, the real star is the yarn, and you chose the perfect pattern to show it off!

Eric & Tony said...

the hand-dyed looks great. Love the fall colors!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE THAT PATTERN. First of all, let me ask, is it knit from top down or bottom up?

Eikon said...

That's a very nice colorway.

KnitXcorE said...

Awesome hat, Charles! I love your yarn, I can't w8 to buy some ;-) The song this week is really good too!!!!!!!

Impossible Princess said...

I need to start a few new hats for the fall...

pins&needles said...

Oh! Fancy, fancy yarn! I love it!

dickie said...

Cute hat. =) Awesome colors too.

Tracy said...

I LOVE the colorway of your hat yarn, darn that it's hand dyed and unavailable!