Thursday, September 13, 2007

I got a NEW book and NEW Knitty!

Finally..Almost week is over! ya! Goodness! Seems like a such long day this week and I can't stand my self waitting for the weeken. This weeken will be long and fun because teaching a dyeing class on Saterday and doing my ten page paper due next monday...Too much stuff do and so sad to no time to knit. I am almost finshing a one side of River Rapid Socks for my can see the pic last post. I will post finsh sock next weeken so stay return!

Finally, my "The Knitting Manual" book came today! I really like this book so much! For me, this the best men knitting book I never seen since published other men knitting book. Before this man knitting book came out..there is two knitting book such as "Never Knit Your Man a Sweater" by Jusith Durant and "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them" by Annie M. and Drew Emborsky. Does books are so bored and patterns are so oldish..I mean box style sweaters and just simple scarf.

Krstin Spurkland(Auther) She did great job on Man(ual)! I really like the pattern and photos are great! It's stylish and cool wearable for guys and mens, even womens! Does are of pattern I really like! See pic below:(There is total 25 projects in this book)

"Seaweed Throw" (Do youguys saw basketweave scarf pattern?) Great pattern she used on the throw!

"Brithish Check's Sweater" Emo Beatles sweather to Rock on!

"Dad's Sweater" Recreat by 1960's pattern, If i knit this, I will do diffently on neck line by round neck line or V-line.

"Nodic Hat" Great Norwegian pattern!

"Zipper Cardigan" A contemporary and traditional style with twisted stitch on side of sleeves and frount of thr sweather

"Sleeveless Hoodle" Active and Sporty guys only! Hmmm!

"Striped Sweater" Remind me KnitXcorE's Green Sweater.

"Retro Vest" Retro Fit, Vintage colors...Very Modern! Let 's a rollerskates toghter!

"Sporty Pullover" I like the arther then the usual rib, use you YO between.

"Twisted Stitch Socks" Elegant Socks and Dophisticated

Finally...Long waitting, New Fall KNITTY came out! O My Gosh~ Great patterns! I really what to try them all right now, been looking at the a pattern for hour,it's so hard to decide which pattern iam going to start to knit first!
Check does pattern out! It is great to see two guys pattern in this fall issue...FANTASTIC YO~~

Top: "Back to Basics Socks", "Foliage", "O"

Middle: "Henry", "Percy", "Pecan Pie",

Bottom: "Roam", "Cinderella", "Tussie Mussie"

Top: "neiman", "Uchin", "Woodins", "Mr. Greenjeans"

Middle: "Totally Autumn", "Flower Power"

Bottom: "PPR", "Muir", "Diamond Waffle"

Also I did brought some socks yarn online. So this is I got:

Left to Right:

ONLine "Supersocke 100" Tropic Color #931

Knit Picks "Felici" #pebble(Army) and #Arugula(Green)

REGIA "Loop Color" 4ply #5766

Music of the Weeks:

Song your listening right now

Song: "What I Love the Most"

Artist: Beat Radio

Album: The Great Big Sea

Style: Noise, Pop. Alt Rock


Eikon said...

Oh but I do like the cardigan. That's three resounding endorsements for that book.

dickie said...

Thanks for reviewing the Knitting Man(ual). I've been curious about it for a while. It looks really cool. =)


That book looks like fun! And the yarn in the picture with it is gorgeous!

pins&needles said...

The Knitting Man(ual) looks great! I want that and much more than I can afford. Plus that sock yarn!

KnitXcorE said...

i wasn't going to get the man(ual) but now that you've let me see inside, I've decided I need it.

I can't wait to start some of the projects from the new Knitty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us all your pics.... and the review.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

Hey Charles! I love your blog so I tagged you! go to and see what I'm talking about - it's fun to learn more about people and you're really interesting to me... I hope you'll play along!

I can't wait to get the Knitting Manual.. it has so many neat sweaters in it... I have a lot to do in my queue already though.. I don't know if I need more temptation! :)