Friday, October 13, 2006


Look at what I got from mail today? I am waiting for long time finally got a first men knitting book today( I mean First time never writen men knitting book) It is "Knitting With Balls -The Frist Comtemporary guide to knitting for the MODERN MALE" by Michael Del Vecchi bloger Aka Tricky Tricot In this book, Michael designed lot of nice Sweaters and jacket also gear that mens are using!! Great photo and detile drawen chart..if you youguys(I mean guy) want to start knitting and already have been knitting, this is great book to have on your collection!!!

Thank you for the comment and greatist kind!! I am better now!! I had a really bad mix with ful and cold sickness almost two week.. felt like a almost death. EVEYBODY watch out this cold!! This is bad one!! I been off for almost two week..When i go to work today.files files work for waiting for me... i het work but i have too... Also i have three yarn dyeing class coming up ..I have to already for the class.. Anyway:

This is cover of Michael's book:

I love this cover!! DONT YOU THINK? Men with big "O" ball of wool yarn and needle!! This make me horny..hehe

This is "Hooded Alpaca Parka" Great for go for running!!! Yellow? Bee?

Noro "Knee-Length Coat" Dressy coat..Plan to knit someday...

Argyle Pullover Vest..Everybody has less one of Argyle sweater.....

Lovly "Tribal Sweater" bull of eye in the middle of sweater..LOVE THIS!!!!

"Not-So-Rugged Scarf" Mohair scarf

Everybody must need this one~~~~ "Beer Cozy" ROCKS!!!!!

All time "Fisherman's Watchcap & Scarf"

"Medallion Mitts" Another style of "Kolenya"

Leave with great Quote:

The Color Of Leaves by Gregory Dent

In Autumn my maples turn into colors of three.

Some orange, some red, others yellow inclined,

all gracefully floating in the warm sunshine.

Yet with the first hint of a cool northern breeze,

They shed their bright treasure of colorful leaves.

Just one shade of brown turns my burley old oak.

On cold foggy mornings it smolders, and smokes.

It’s a stingy bark that won’t part with one leaf,

all thru Autumn, and even winter’s long sleep.

It clings to it’s children lest they fall in the snow,

until spring thaw and new buds force them to go.

The young are like maples with bright shiny coats,

but old fogies like me admire gnarled old oaks.

Ok.... HAPPY Knitting and HAVE GREAT WEEKEN everybody!!!! SEE YA>>


Elemmaciltur said...

Hey Charles! I'm actually intending to make you a pair of Kolenya anyway. I'm making another pair for me right now out of your India Night yarn you sent me. If there's enough, I'll make another pair out of that yarn and send that pair over to you! ;-)

Apropos, with "India Night", were you actually referring to the native American Indians as oppose to the Hindi Indians, right? Because I actually thought of the Hindi Indians first until I started making a gauge swatch and looked at the colours...they remind me more of the native American Indians with all the turquoise-blue colours. :-)

Have a great weekend!

KnitXcorE said...

I'm glad you're felling better :-) That argyle vest makes me crazy!!! I have that book on my amazon wishlist.... i can't w8 2 get it...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

elisabetha said... cozys...what a wonderful idea. That looks like an awesome book! It's about time that publishers recognize that knitting is a trans-gender activity.

Knit Picking said...

I love the title of that book! Very witty.

I'm glad you're feeling better Charles. You better get your flu shot this year. I certainly will!