Friday, September 22, 2006


Do youguys miss me? I didnt post for a week has been busyist days for me~~ School and work same time...Too Much!!! I did do not much knitting last week and iam really feel bad about it!!! I have so much knitting to do...and too much gift? Holiday is coming up and already 12 people sign up for scarf.... Talking about the Scarf, it is almost fall already!!! I go out to lunch yasterday..i saw lot of leaf turning into yellow and brown....Also cool weatherat night!!!! Living in CA..eveyboby loves cold weather here... That's the sign of scarf sesson!! i saw lot of bloger knitting scarf right now..oh YES!! Scarf is aways fun to make!!

Great accessory for men and woman style with shirt and jacket!!!...

I bought a New knitting book(More BOOK>>>i cant stand to buy more knitting book!!ugh) call "Yarnplay" by Lisa Shobhana...Iam sooo loving it!!! Great book to have Great photo with warm color and of couse Great project to try!!! Great fall and winter project to try!!!!

Book Cover: With Great Noro slik Garden "Poppy V-Neck pullover"

"Sidetracked" Men's Scarf and Hat

"Copperhead" Scarf with snake in motion

"Tami" Ribbed Scarf with Hat

This pic is from "Knit It!" magazine Fall 2006
Section about the "transform chape yarns into Million bucks scarf

Great mohair vintage scarf!! I love this one!!!!

Also men's scarf!!!!!

I saw list about "10 reasons to Knit a Scarf" by great knitter Stepanie Pearl-McPhee from the magazin!!!!

I was ageed with her saying..Number 9? I was laughing so loud!!! LET's A Rob a bank together!!HEHE

1. Eveybody needs one. If you live in a warm place, a scarf is an accessory: if you live in a cold place( like Canada), it's necessity-all that stands between you and certain death.(Okay, not certsin death. Fostbite maybe; chilliness for sure!)

2. A friend of mine likes to say that a winter scarf is "caulking." Wound rounf your neck it bridges the difficult gap a cost leaves at the top and keeps all your heat form escaping.

3. No matter how many coats you won, by the time January rools around, you'll be sick to death of all of them. Owning 20 scarves adds a little color to the endless winter and lets you pretend that you have s different looks.

4. You can skip the gauge swatch with a scarf and have it matter not at all. How could a scarf not fit? (Don't answer that. I'm sure I'll find out.)

5. Scarves are varied in technical difficulry. You can do one in a plain garther stitch, or make a delicate lace wonder. You could knit nothing but scarves your whole knitting career, never repeat yourself, and learn almost every knitting technique.

6. Scarves are easy, at least mostly easy. If you're a beginning knitter, you can get a faulous yarn and let it do all the work.

7. Just a s there's comfort food, there's comfort knitting and a nice plain scarf out of simple delicious wool, knit back and forth in naive,mindless rows, is good for those days when anything more complex would make you cry.

8. A scarf is aways a welcome gift. Even if the recipient lives in Hawaii, a scarf made of a wee slip of silk will be gratefully received

9. If say, you were going to rob a bank(not that you would, that would be wrong) a scarf could be a vital part of your disguise.

10. The scarf is the the gateway to the shawl. There are only so many scarves you can knit before you feel an urge in the shawl direction.

Ok...more yarn to make a scarf!! I guess this weeken is my scarf day!!! see ya....


KnitXcorE said...

i looooove the last scarf :-) it's sooooo cute!

tadaahhh said...

ooo. i like "sidetracked". and also the man's scarf. is that one, wth the boy wearing the grey jacket and beret also from the same book?

Knit Picking said...

I totally agree with reason #3. In fact, I should probably knit a few scarves as Christmas presents.
Thanks for the idea Charles!

AR said...

Now I feel like knitting a scarf! Nice yarn pic at the end of your post.

shobhana said...

i'm so glad you like the book! please send me a photo of your finished projects and i'll post them to the Yarnplay blog.