Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Too Much Stuff in my STUDIO and ROOM!!! #3

Iam going to post some more pic of my stuff!!!!
This is my endless art Supply in my Studio + Room!!!! Saying again!!! Take a Look: This is will be shock to everyone...Adult Only!!! VERY DANGERS!!! R++++++

My NEW HP Computer and printer!!! My TOY!!!!! With black table!!!

On my table, there is lot of stuff goin on: DID you see that lacy leaf scarf? I Just Stop!!! Tooo hard for me!!!!!

This is inside view of my desk drawer!! Lot of thing going on inside!!! As not as other guys, For me~~ I have to clean and organize!!! I dont like a messy!!!!

On my table at corner, This is what i have Lation for my hands, pen and pencil and mix of candy in my ceramic !!!!!

My BED!!!!! HAHAHA This is the place when I dream!!! I guess dreaming about the cute guys~~~I wish!!!


Kenny said...

Again I said, you have too much stuff.

By the way Charles, what do you do for a living?

Celtic Knitter said...

This is not too much stuff. This is way neater than my studio!!!!!

I like the bed ;)

Elemmaciltur said...

Well, your place's tidy, that's what counts. I might as well post some pic of my room, too....since I just got half of my stuff back from a friend yesterday, so the place looks more lived-in now.

Cheryl said...

wow.... your stuff is pretty neat...
and we have something in common!! We both dream of cute guys!!

myaxl said... thats pretty neat and very well organised..I wonder how you maintain all that's jus so not possible for a person like me!!!