Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Too Much Stuff in my STUDIO and ROOM #1

This is my endless art Supply in my Studio + Room!!! Take a Look: This is will be shock to everyone...Adult Only!!! VERY DANGERS!!! R++++++

In my littlecloset..Mix with yarn and cloths...TOO MUCH!!!!!!

Look at the yarn I have.. Iam buying too much yarn !!


BOX.... BOXS of Art supplys~~~

More and More~~~~Iam King of the art Supply~~WOW!!!

On bottom of the boxs...I have a IKEA ORGANIZE metal drawer for all the card making supply and other Supply..LOOK AT THIS!! SOO MUCH STUFF!!! I will be faint!!!


My Dask!!!! This is the prace, all my creation begin!!!!!

On the left, My book case..ALL MY CRAFT AND ART BOOK!! MY #1 Valuables!!!


Knit Picking said...

I really love the pottery vases in which you display your paintbrushes! My favorite is the first one on the left of the above picture. Real Nice!

Kenny said...

That's too much stuff?!?! Do you live in a house or an apartment?

Out of curiosity, where do you get your white wool from?

Celtic Knitter said...

Your stuff is so much more neat than mine. I probably have just as much stuff . . . but yours is way neater. At least you put things away where they belong. I just throw things and let them land wherever. You have some neat stuff!! Nice stash!!