Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big THANK YOU and my Blanket update!!!

It was really HOT day is today in my area!!!! I mean really really reall hot day OVER 110 degress. My Air conditioner is running and eatting ice cream all days long~~ I like the hot wether but over 100 degres? NO Way!!! I dont think wether is not going down ontil August!!! I hope tomorrow will be cool day!!!!OH GOD!!!!

I HAVE A GREAT NEWS TODAY! The news is i get my first order from "Knit Picking" from Canada!!! MY FIRST CUSTOMER!!!!! WOW
I didnt finsh my website yet..But she saw the onfinsh web site.. she brought a hand-dyed lacy yarn!! She is great lady!! IF she is here with me...i want to kiss her so much!!!!!

She brought this yarn:

Also pic of niece's blanket. Today i finsh crocheting one of the brick. I have a three more brick to go!!


Knit Picking said...

You're welcome Charles!
I've been admiring your yarn for a while through your blog, and couldn't resist the "Sweetness Memories" when I saw your store was open.

Cheryl said...

It looks like your blanket is coming along nicely. How old is your niece?
The yarn that knitpicking bought is so pretty. You have a good eye for color!!

moonpunter said...

PHM is HERE!!!

Celtic Knitter said...

I'm glad that you have your store up!! It looks great!

Hmm . . the crocheted squares look great. . . how are you going to join them?

Elemmaciltur said...

Love the colour, Charles!