Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hey~~ youguys? Iam really sorry about didnt post new stuff for almost for two week~~
I was really busy and i had a bad Flu for a whille~~~When I get sick, sick for long time...I mean 2 week..I guess the CA weather..because it was hot last weeken and cold today now~~
Youguys wondering that leaf lacy scarf i was working on?...I just stop!!! Why? LACY is TOOO Fucking hard for me...It take me long time that little dame thing...But will gonna be finsh some day Who knows~~

Yesterday, I was dyeing some more yarns with great color. I didnt know dyeing soooooo addictived....That's why Dave is so into it~~~~ 5 skine total!!!
What youguys think? Iam getting better and better dyeing yarn!!! Iam going to sell does handyed yarn into my online store..If youguys want to buy my 100%hand dyed yarn, email me or visit my store(My store is not open yet...but will be soon!!!!)
(Lift to Light) India Nignt, Pink Martini, Sunset Orange, Blue Suffer, Go-Go's

I saw Ysplda her blog...Shge was showing wraping board for dye yarn!!!!I had a almost same size has her board is looks like this....It just need a needle!!! SEE HER BLOG>>>>

NEW PROJECT!!! WOO WOO!!! Iam starting my first sweater... Long time ago, i ordered Knitpick yarn "Wool of Andes" Color Ten and Coal. 10skine each so total 20. So Finally i find out easy pattarn for my first sweater. This pattarn was on VOGUE Knitting "KNITSIMPLE" Magazine. It looks like this:

On page 49 , Title was "get in line" simple strip line light sweater. I was really want to knit sweater for whille..but all the sweater pattern was really big and oldish~~~ Because like me, first time knitter, they dont how to lower the stitch to body to fit very will!!! So i found really really great guy sweater for beginer knitter.

It's really dont like the color....Too much!!!!It remind me a Sesame Street child show type childish kind of sweater!!!! So i change to the black and ten color.( I reamember i was little, i had a sweater just like rainbow color just like that!! It will say extraordinary)Soooo ugly!!! This is so far~~~

I dont know when iam gonna be finsh this sweater!!! Iam going finsh in this coming winter? DO KNOW!!!!


Kenny said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Your yarn is so beautiful!!! CAn't wait for mine to arrive in the mail. Great job!!!

I beleive you can do your first sweater! You go boy!

Cheryl said...

Your yarn is just gorgeous!!! I love the names you gave them...I especially like the India Night yarn.

Celtic Knitter said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! These are some awesome colours! I really like India Night too!!

Hey, good that you are doing a sweater. I did one for Christmas this year. It was a lot of work but it turned out great. You can see it on my knitting gallery. :)

I haven't posted in a while either. I'm bad!

Knit Picking said...

As I said before, you have really creative names for your yarn, and your colorways are just gorgeous. I can't wait for you to open your store online. Sounds like you are really enjoying dyeing yarn.

I agree with you, the colors of the sweater were looking very childish primary colors. I much prefer the colors you chose now. Enjoy your first sweater!

Tallguy said...

Beautiful yarns! Dyeing is so addictive, and so much fun!! Keep notes.

And I think you are right -- too much colour in that sweater! But your choices will work perfectly, and it will look really good on you, I can tell. Yes, sometimes simple still works the best.

Nik said...

you've made some beautiful yarns.