Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Sexiest Men List~~

In Matthew blog, he was posted his list of Sexiest Asian Men~~ I really love them all the Matthew's pick and they are so sexy.

Iam posting my sexiest men I really love them and merry them someday~~~~
1. Jake Gyllenhaal: Hmmmm... I love his blue eyes. He is from "Brokenback Mountain" and totally hottie. My number one sexiest men.

2. Elijah Wood: He is from " The Lord of the Rings" He is small height also blue-green eye and handsome!!!!

3. Luke Kirby: Did eveybody saw "Mambo Italiano"? From Canadian gay wedding Comedy: Read more about this movie and his life. LOVE His Smile~~~~

4. Howie Day: He is Balled singer and musician...Cool guy!!!

5. Michael Legge: If you see the "Cowboy & Angles" you know this guy!!! Love his tender voice and hot body!!!

I wish my true boyfriendor and husband is like this....Someday...hehe Everybody pray for me!!!!


Celtic Knitter said...

Hmm . . . I don't usually go for white boys but this Howie Day is quite cute! :)

Kenny said...

Hmm....... I have different taste than you. That's good right? When we go out, we won't be after the same men! HA!