Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My First Lace Knitting Project~~~

Finaly, Iam almost finsh knitting my basketweave scarf today~~ I will post some pic this weeken....Meanwhile, I started my new project for spring! I was thinking about the lace knitting for so long time and lot of knitter saying that "Lace knitting takes time and concentration".I think that true. Because I saw Ted blog, he was finsh knitting really nice complicated and intricate lace shawl. Check his website out~~~WOW!!! HE IS GREAT KNITTER I TELL YA!!!

Last week, I got my yarn from online yarn store "
fuzzymabel". I really love this this store~~ They have a so much kind of yarn for great price!!!

Anyway, I was looking for very easy lace pattern for my first knittung lace project. Kenny(boy who knit) was kindly tell me try some Susan's "Branching Out- Leaf Lace Scarf" This is pattern from
Knitty.com(click here for pattern)

Kenny was saying to me this is easy lace project and everybody can do it!!!!!
So I got a "
Elsebth Lavold Silky Wool" Moss color #8 from "Fuzzymabel" It was hard to find this great silk yarn. Only two web yarn store is selling this yarn. This yarn I got is for $6.95. NOT TOO BAD!!!!

For this pattern, You just need to learn Three new stitch:

k3tog: k3tog:knit three stitches together

sl-k2tog-psso: slip one stitch purlwise, knit the next two stitches together, pass the slipped stitch over

sl2-k1-p2sso: slip two stitches together knitwise (i.e., slip two stitches as if to knit them together), knit the next stitch, pass the two slipped stitches over

Everybody know this but iam new into does stitch so...

This is so far. When I was starting to knit..It was so difficult to knit because this is my first time knitting lace scarf and TOO MUCH STITCH in one low. Also didnt know how to YO(yarn over) and SSK(past two S. and knit). So I made too much mistake... I less ten time redo it over and over again!!! That 10 lows took so much time almost 3hour......But it come out really!!! WHAT YOUGUYS THINK?

I just pin up does progress, to see the lace pattern...When i finsh knitting i have it block so...

I finally get my two knitting book today from "Knitpicks" It was on sell so!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

On top is "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen. Kenny was recomment for me and Backyard Leaves scarf in this book. Youguys must have this book!!! This is kenny's flavor #1 knitting book list!!!!

Bottom: This is "Kntting on the edge" by Nicky Epstein. This lovely book costed over $30 but Knitpick has a half price so great bargain!!!! It's beautiully illustrated book and lots of patterns.

Also Knitpick dye yarn for self-striping yarn!!!!! MORE WORK TO DO!!!!!

And ACID Dye for Self-strip yarn!!!!! I can't wait to dye them!!!!!!This is Cushing Perfection dye from "Crown Mountain Farms" I don't know what mix colorIam goifn to creat!!! Will see whas happen!!!!


Sarah said...

Your branching out is looking great! I'm making it too, and I just hit the center of the scarf (it's my first lace project too), it gets going much faster as you keep progressing. I can't wait to see yours all finished! :)

Celtic Knitter said...

Wow! You do so many fun things!! I like seeing your work.

The lace looks amazing. . . . and you're wrong! Not everybody can do that lace pattern. I tried that same pattern from knitty . . . I got so mad that I threw it across the room. I cannot do it! That pattern made me hate lace!! LOL

You obviously have a talent for lace!!

Cheryl said...

you are doing a wonderful job on the scarf!!
It looks just beautiful.

Jason said...

Nice job Charles. Isn't lace fun? I've started a test run on my project too. But I am not telling until I have more to show. hehehe

Did you go to Men's Night?

Charles said...

Jason..Iam going too next week...This week was really busy so..Did you go?

Jason said...

No, I didn't go either.

Kenny said...

Charles, I didn't tell you about Branching Out. At least I don't remember. I have never knit Branching out before. I do remember telling you about Backyard Leaves though. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. I'm honored!!! But whatever it is, your Branching Out looks GORGEOUS!!! Great job. It's great to see you move from regular scarves to lace. Isn't it exciting. Can't wait for you to post more progress pictures.

BTW, I just added you to my side bar links. You have a very interesting blog!