Saturday, April 22, 2006

Starting New Project!!!

Last week, I saw Drew's(Knit-O-Rama) pic of knitted "The 5x5 Orange scarf." Look at his basketweave pattern orange scarf!!!! It Sooooo Great!!!

Inspired by Drew, I start knitting basketweave scarf too!!!

It's getting hot here in CA vally area..Yasterday was over 82degree...TOO HOT!!!! I was thinking why iam knitting scarf for this hot wether..almost summer!!! Drew say too!! I think this scarf will be save for coming up winter.

This scarf iam using "Peruvian Collection Highland Wool"(7359 Tuscany Green) from Elann. This yarn is really cheap and Really good quality!!!! WOW!!! $2.25 for 109 per skin What a big deal!!!! So i get a 15 skin of different color. The Elann is great online yarn store it has lots of low price yarns but it's really good qualit yarns. Recomment to all the knitter!!!!

Also iam starting another summer scarf for my friend. Last week, I saw on TV show call
"Knitty Gritty". It's knitting show on DIY "Do It Yourself" Channel. If youguys have a Cable, check this show out!!!! Host of this show is Vickie Howel. I guess everybody know her, she have a knitting book call "New knit on the Block". Check her blog here.

On her show, guest Candi Jensen author of "Knit Scarves!: 16 Cool Patterns to Keep You War".....She is famous knitter has four books. I really happy to see her because her books are every where and famous.

Anyway, She was showing the three kindsof interesting scarfs..One of does scarfs ireally like a scarf call "Skinny Scarf "

She was using Classic Elite Yarns "Premiere" four skin of different color . I was serching this a yarn ...This yarn was really expensive almost 8dollar!!!! So i find same wight yarn for this scarf.

It's call " Pima Melange" from Casscade Yarns. It was sell on "Onefineyarn". It was 2.95dollar so I order it right away.
Look at the Pic of yarn i got!!!! Two skines of each babyblue, rose red and cream.

She show interesting stiching i never seen for this scarf..Its like this:

Row 1: *p1, move yarn to the back and slip the next st, move yarn to the front * repeat between * .Row 2: *k1, move yarn to the front and slip the next st, move yarn to the back* repeat between *.

When it's finshed it looks like this: Check Here For Pattern

I wiil update my two scarf later~~~soon as finsh kniting...I dont know when but..I will~~~


Celtic Knitter said...

Ooh! Thanks for the pattern . . . this is really neat looking!!!

Kenny said...

Wow, awesome looking!