Sunday, April 16, 2006

Finsh My First Beanie and New Yarns!!!

Hey guys~~ I finaly finsh my first knit "Beanie" today!!! I saw the pattern first in the book, it looks really hard but it's so easy. It's like a whole new world. Iam really happy about it!!!
Something learning new things, its aways fun and also challenge.

I use Peace Fleece Worsted yarn color: Siberian Midnight I get it from "Kpixie"
I used this beanie Pattern from "Heats Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding

Most time I order at " Kpixie" It's great online yarn store. And great service and fast shipping!!!

Anyway, This is Pic of finsh Beabie:
I had a store brought beanie from last year winter, so I compare two beanie...The size is really same! I awesome~~ I had a treouble kniting this beanie because this yarn is much thicker then they recomment for. So I made a less stitch and use small needle.
This is the pic when iam wearing it: Iam really shy about it. It's not a great pic of myself. I was taking pic a midnight 3am so... My face is mass and glasses.

Also Sat, I got my new yarn from "kpixie" Oh....goodie!!!!I ordered my yarn Thursday, and recived at sat!! So fast shipping I tell ya!!!!! Iam really wanna tell youguys.. Iam so addicted to buying too much yarns. Iam spand almost $50 doller and spending too much money!!!! I cannot get out my whole yarn world!!......... Lost month i brought tolal $300 of yarns from yarn shop...TOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Please Help me!!!!! My room getting bags bag of yarn everywhere!! GOSH!!!!

This yarn i got this Sat:This is it great pic...Dreaming about getting more yarn everyday~~~Hehe~~

This is from South West Trading Company "OASIS" Color: Choolate

Great yardage: 2500yd..WOW

It's great soft yarn made from 100% Soy Silk. I dont know what is soy silk but it's not made from animal..I guess plant...

I got this yarn because i wanna knit some spring scarf for my mom!!!!

She brought a brown jacket so this is great color match for her brown jacket.

I got this yarn from NUMEI yarn.

Last week i found some cheapist online yarn store call "NUMEI"

All the yarn is less then $8doller. WOW it's great price. Most of yarn is novlty yarn I got this yarn for $3.50.

This is yarn is call "Jubilee" Skin has a 131 yard. and color is "Spanish Moss"

Check this Web Site Out!!!! Everyone really lik it!!

This yarn from "Blue Sky Alpacas" Alpaca & Silk.

It has 146yard and color in "ginger"

Its really soft yarn 50% alpaca and 50% silk.

I was planing to knitting "branch out"Leaf Scarf by Susan Pierce Lawrence. Pattarn from "Knitty"

I guess youguys know this leaf scarf by now!!!! It's so popular right now, Lot of knitter kniting it.

Up date my Leaf scarf next time...See Ya~~~Bye!!!


James said...

Your beanie came out great! Way to go. You got some nice yarns to work with, too. : )

Kenny said...

Great job on the beanie!!!

Ooooooh, I always wanted to try the organic soy and bamboo yarns.

Yea, i got your message about having a date. You have that same problem?

Dave said...

The beanie looks wonderful, and it fits you perfectly -- well done! I love your new yarns. What great colours!

Dave Daniels said...

You're going to LOVE the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn. It's SO soft, and VERy addictive!