Monday, February 20, 2006


I named it "famouse star blanket" Because it has a big start in the middle of the blanket..It is an easy project but it take alot of time. I am planning to crochet blanket sizes 46 by 72, so it is very big!..I dont have much time to finish it but some day i will finish...(maybe after 4 months!..who knows?)

I got this from bock store last week and i am enjoying it so much!! it is a great project for beginners...such as I!

inside the book, I found star patterns...the original project was "star bathmat", i like the mat but it was a little easy or foolish for me to crochet. So i devcided to make a blanket for the first time with this aawesome star patterns.

This was first start:
I made a 130 chain for the 46in wide with stitch

1. Two Single stitch.
2. Two double stitch by two stitch each row.

This is how far i made today......

This is how far i did today...God Help Me!!! Please!!!

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Tallguy said...

OMG!! What is THAT??!!! It sort of looks like a top of a desk, but I haven't seen one for so long, I've forgotten. It looks too neat and tidy, and there is NOTHING on it!! That is scary... I'm glad you put the start of your blanket on it, because a naked desk top like that can really frigthen me!! It's ----- so --- "un-natural" -- that's all I can say.