Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm BACK from the Bloging!

What the hack?

Has it really been that long? I know. Sorry about long absence. I'd like to think that i have been on vacation since my last post, I been gone for almost three months. Although our trip was 4 weeks, just haven't had a chance to post!! Since last post in April, I had a lot of thing change in my life such as finshing school, graduation and other thing busy days since then. Bigist thing I did was traveled with my family.

Let me count... I came to USA in 1995.. OMG it's twelve years already!!! Time goes so fast. I remember that I left with mid-night jet plane on Seoul with tears on my eyes. Since then leaving in the USA..studying, going to school and busy life does lifestyle did forget everything about my old home.

Anyway, long time ago my parents promised me if I finshed the school then going the the korea for vacation. So this was finally happen! This was first time as family going to Korea..I was really sad(why I think that?), joy and happy. We had really fun in korea. We stay for almost four weeks, the trip was goes so fast. The weather was really hot in korea like a we are in jungle, sticky and unpleasent. But we met our relatives and saw my lovely grandmother. We had areally good trip.

Some of pic I took from Korea trip. Youguys can visit my Flickr see more pic I took.

We left the LAX on June 23 on monday mid-night plan. You can see my excited expression. My brother and mom also escited moment in the plane.

Next day, I went to Korean royal palace called "Kyung Buk Kung". The place that King and Queen lived. The place is really cool and huge I what live like a king someday. Also you can see the royal performance played on back ground.

Really cool chimey inside of the palace. It's decorated with 12 thing that king and queen prayed for longer life.

Me and my brother posing on frount of the Korean National folk museum.

This was taken from the traditional folk village in seoul called "Namsangol Hanok." Lots Korean traditional house there to see. It is located in main street of seoul called "Mung Dong" I saw lot of people visiting the village.

This house was Dr.. Kim's house..He was one of member of royal family. The house was fancy and big.

Me watching a traditional Korean jar. I saw somthing inside of the jar. It was demostrated Korean traditional soybean paste and red pepper paste inside of the does jar.

And traditional Korean grinder on the back. I tried the grinder it was really hard. I dont know how old day people use this to gain the rice. Such impossible!

On "Mung Dong" street, me and my bro when to tea house. I was drinking papaya black tea. It was really good and wish had a buy the tea.

We went to sea side, east side of korea, called "Ju men Jin" We bought a dry squid, shrimp and fish to bring at home. The sea was really beautiful and love the saltys smell.

On the way back from sea-side, we find the great place to took a pic. The water was clear and scenery was wonderful

This place we went to called "Hansan" island. It was rainning that day. We could not see whole island view. Also we ride cable car.

Me and my bro eatting ice-creme at "Mong Dong" street. (It was really hot and dry thing I hate come to the korea)

Just shopping at the Mong Dong street. Also on Mong Dong street, there was famous old catholic church we went to also.

Last day in "Sam Chang Dong" meeting with my cousin. Sam Chang street has a little cute shop and art gallery there to see.

We are in "Youg Ju" temple in Hwa Soon area. It was really interesting temple, has a crazy stone buddha statue.

Took a self pic in famous temple in Korea, "Bulguk" temple. You can see the how big is statue is. Kyung-ju is area that has alot of old remains such as Bulguk temple.

And Knitting News.....

On three month vacation happen plus there really hasn't been much knitting going on. I seriously have only started knitting again this week, probably about two nights ago. but, i am proud to say that i DID get some knitting done while on my trip...although i don't have photos to prove it i was able to knit on planes, and in our hotel! You can see two socks I been working on the trip.

I just finshed one side of socks, need to finshed second one.

Left: Yarn Over Cable socks by Charlene from Sensational Knitted socks book. Yarn - REGIA Silk Color #13905

Right: Escalator Sock by Ruth Greenwald. FREE Pattern at Raverly
Yarn - My hand-dyed superwash yarn in "sweet pea"

I will promise to keep blogging often! And really sorry for along waitting! I hope youguys have a great weeken and Happy Knitting to you all!


JohnK said...

Welcome back.

Sounds like a great trip

KnitXcorE said...

welcome back!
one of my friends just went back to korea, i'm going to miss her!
it's looks like you had quite a nice time.

knitnzu said...

Ahnyong Charles! How wonderful that you got to see your grandmother, especially when she lives so far away. And nice that you went as a family. Was the food incredible and delicious? Thanks for showing us some pics from vacation.

Vtknitboy said...

hallo again charles! glad to see you blogging again! such lovely pictures of korea and your family. thank you for sharing. it looks like a beautiful place and you have good time.

don't wait 3 more months for more blogging! love ya man! chris

Elemmaciltur said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

I missed seeing your posts - glad you're back safe and sound - I LOVE seeing the photos you posted - I have never been to Korea - - I love the buildings - they are beautiful!

I also LOVE your green reggia sock that you knitted -

hope to see you soon!