Thursday, April 03, 2008

Friday Still-Life 040408 : Top of My Bookcase

Guess what? Youguys asked what's on my top of bookcase?

YES...lot of UFO! You can see lot of brushes and UFO are in my handmade ceramic vases and bowls. Also my hand-dyed yarn for sock knitting class for next month. It will be simple socks. I must start kntting a socks otherwise it will be big trouble.

I dont think it is not a beautiful pic as other blogger, but it is cute to see stuff on top of my bookcase. You can see my Luna Moth lace shawl on the blue bowl, still working on since last year scream me to finsh me. It looks depress totally.

Also on the corner, Cherry Tree Hill socks yarn is crying out loud for cast on pair of socks. How depressing is this!

And I cast on "Escalator Sock"(Free Pattern at Ravelry)With REGIA "Silk Color". It's coming along GREAT and I have to finsh soon as my mom's b-day gets here. I just need to knit the gather stitch all the way from the toes!

-------------- GaThEr'RoUnD, ---------------

"Listen Up!" by Gossip (BTW..She is Crochet on the music video)


KnitXcorE said...

maybe one day i'll share a picture of my *mESSY* studio :-)

i heart beth ditto.

pins&needles said...

I like this song. The Gossip is pretty cool. They're originally from Searcy, Arkansas but later moved north. Either Portland or Seattle, I can't remember. I think it's funny that people here don't know that.

Elemmaciltur said...

What do you think of the Regia Silk? How does it knit up? How does it feel?

Andy's Crafts said...

Lovely Yarn, there was no food which is nice!

Knit Picking said...

I noticed you haven't posted in a while. I hope you're not having health issues again. Take care!

De Berê said...

Hi Charles!!!

Tallguy said...

I see no posts from you since April... what happened? You normally write very regularly! I am worried...