Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Update and Still-life~~~

Hey everybody! Another great hot saturday today! I didnt been post Saturday StillLife for long time... Finally, Sat StilLife picture for youguys knitters out their, what I been working since last week. I been working on my brother's socks..I finshed one side socks of the socks last wedsday. The yarn I am using a REGIA 4ply "Multi Effekt Color" #5376 Brown and dark blue gray mix. The pattern is just simple 72 stitch stockinette from "Dublin Bay Socks" without lace side pattern.

It came out great! and I hope my brother like it! (Maybe not?..If not, I will keep it myself..How dear you! I will kick in your face! HAHAHA)

Also order is came today! I finally got my Ann Budd's NEW "Knitting SOCKS" book so early! Because her new socks book will published and sell on September 1st..But iam luckly got myself her socks book so early! I got it on Wallmart(I just checked..they out of order! I guess lot of peoples are buying it) online store not Amazon(They didnt sell yet!) Go order yourself copy of Ann Budds book. I will talk more about the book in my coming video cast..going to my mouth shut!
Also new episode 16 "
Knitpicks Podcast" interviewed Ann Budd about the her new socks books..So go and listen!

Coming back to knitting...Youguys already know I been dyeing a lot of yarns for my store! (I know.Youguys been long waitting! Sorry about that!) Pic is the hat i am making a sample of my shop!
Don't you think color looks great? I will have five diffent color in my new Etsy shop. Stay return! And hat pattern is from "Hat Gloves Scarves" by Louisa Harding. The name of hat is "Streamlied Sport." I will show pic of finsh hat next week.

I been busy setting up my NEW Etsy shop..item will listed handmade card, yarn and other craft item..handmade by me! NEXT SATURDAY is OPENNING DAY! Please check it out ,,,but some handmade goodies!

I also started to knitting a lace can see the pic and so far I only have a 17 row knitted. Iam doing a "Shetland Triangle" by Evelyn A. Clark..Patten is from the book "Wrap STYLE" by Pam and Ann.

I know..I been buying alot of stuff!...I also got my order from Knitpicks (Books SALE end next saterday!..GO and buy your self half priced kntting book! The book was $30, but i brought for $17 Great deal!) Inspired by Brooklyntweed's "Tomten Jacket"..finally got my "The Opinionated Knitter" by GREAT Knitter Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Everybody knows who is the Elizabeth Zimermann is...Iam not gonna talk about whole lot stuff about Mrs. zimermann..I been seen lot of her knitted top down sweater on knitter's blog(Suah as Kenny from"The Boy who knits" he is work on top down sweater right now also Jade from "Brooklyntweed") it is great and how easy to knit all one piece togeter and started knit top and down to the bottom. I tooks some of a mans pattern pic in this can see the great her orginal pattern:

Cowichan Sweater

Adult Surise Jacket

Circular Seamless Raglan Sweater

Yoke Sweater

V-Necked Aran Cardgan

Scandinavian Sweater

Song of the Week:

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Song: "Step Aside"
Artist: Tobias Hellkvist
Album: "Transport" 2007

From: Swedish singer/songwriter/guitarist
Catalog: Pop, Alternative Folk


Elemmaciltur said...

Great job on the sock!

I think I will eventually have to get myself a copy of the Opinionated Knitter....when I have some money again. :-p

Ashley said...

I love the Regia that you're using for those socks! They look great!

KnitXcorE said...

that regia yarn is awesome! I need to get a copy of The Opinionated Knitter.... The sunrise jacket is gr8!

pins&needles said...

Now you're gonna make me spend some money. I looked at those books and want almost everything. I want to get the Opinionated Knitter as much as everyone else does. I hear great things about all her books.

I like your music suggestion. It's exactly what I want to hear right now.

Susan said...

love the socks and the colors of the yarn :)

dickie said...

I really like the socks for your brother! =)

cici said...

I wish I could have taken your class. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The socks are also great. I really am enjoying this song. Think I have to add it to my collection... thanks..