Friday, February 02, 2007


YES It's Yarn!!!

It's Saturday!!! Youguys guess what i been doing been yesterday? Dyeing Dyeing Dyeing all day long.. also Iam dyeing yarn help "AIDS Life Cycle" for Impossible Princess. He have to raise $2,500 to be able to ride those 545 mile!!! More info check here.

I was listening to "The Mosh Knit" Podcast(She is Rock!!)... I heard sad story about her cousin died with aid and thinking about him.. I was thinking it was really sad about the people dyeing from aid!! As gay myself i need you help them to support they need.

He need a donation from youguys, anything knitting stuff(Hand-dye yarn,..all the handmade stuff) to sell!!!

PLEASE PLEASE help him to donat for AID LIFE CYCLE! We need youguyss help!!!

Anyway, FINLLY, My February YARN-DYEING CLASSS Schedule is UP! Look at the Hissy Knit website!

So does color looks great? I dyed does yarn because
Iam going to have another dyeing class coming up and make some sample for store sample. I love th coleor came out on left side yarn remind me cool ocean i use to leave hawaii.

Also coming up sunday, my next new sock update..I just start a knitting with Lorna's Shepherd sport in "Watercolor," I post pic about last time!

Ok i leave with this my flov. music video:

Noorie" by Bally Sagoo

This is great Trance world music by Feat.
Craig Pruess and DJ Gunja. I guess this is remix version. This music was soundtrack on "Bend it like Beckham". It is great must see this!!!

It's translated, the name of here beloved is "noori" and she is asking him/her to come to her cuz she is waiting. I say him/her cuz Norri is a female name so not sure if she is a Lesbian or just confused. As you can tell from the video that she died waiting for him/her but she is still holding out the hope to meet Noori one day.

Have a great Saturday!!!


Susan said...

Charles that yarn the colors!!!! Will you dye some more sock yarn like that to put on your website for sale? I'm rather broke now but would love to buy some from you next month if you have some available. Very awesome!!!

Nikki said...

Yes, yes, sock yarn in that white red and black combo. I love it!