Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Fever! And NEW KNITTY!

We have almost less then three week left from Christmas day! I guess everybody are busy knitting a C-day gift to your love one and your family. I been knittinga socks for Christmas exchange, hat for my brother and scarf for my friends.And really bush studying and finshing project for final next week...James from "Subdue it with a Sweater" he is studying also...James and myself, we are happy to semester almost over!

Last weeken, I want to my mom's friends holiday party. It was really fun, and I had a too much drink and throw up mid-night. I had a my mom's parther for a can see my clean and handsome cute look...ah ah ah.I think mom was really cute that day..She looks almost 30's(She is 51 this years old this year..Sorry MOM! I tell you age!)
I have another holiday party coming up next weeken..That's why I really love holiday season! Anyway, You can see the large pic below(Click on PIC) too see how my cute looks!

And KNITTING NEWS this week:

Finally, NEW "Knitty" Winter 2007 came out on Monday! This winter section has a so much project..Anything is dislike..Mean I really love every thing on this issue. So let's look the pattern shell we? I made a collage so esay to view.

Top: Justify(KS), Tudora, Fair Isle Rapids

Middle: Toirneach, Abotanicity, Ice Queen

Bottom: Kitty, Laughing Carrots, Sally the Eco Fairy

Top: Cables + Bits, Toasty Topper, Slippery

Middle: Azure, Dahlia, Doddy

Bottom: Gloves...Deceiving, Chevrolace, Halcyon

Top: Square Cake, Lighthouse Gansey, Entangled

Middle: Matrix, Stardust, Jeanie

Bottom: Three Tams, Guant, Aoife

Music of the Weeks:

Song your hearing:

Song: "Merryland" (Free MP3)

Artist: Hey Hey My My

Album: Hey Hey My My

From: Paris, France

Style: Indle Rock, Folk, Alt Rock

Movie of the Week:

I saw this awesome video from the blog, men should be proud to do such a fine artistic talent...its not for grandma anymore don't ya know? hehe wish more and more men would come out and knit! MEN ROCKS!

Everybody have agreat weeken! and Knit Hard~~~


Elemmaciltur said...

OMG, you went to a party with your mum and you drank and threw up? OMG! That would so never ever happen with me.

KnitXcorE said...

i'm afraid to drink around family.
who knows what i'd say?
that video is hella cute.

OHHHH BTW!!!!!!!!
i got a lovely gift in the mail the other day, do you know anything about this????

THX Charles!!!!!

Steven said...

Sure sound like you are busy this time of year. Less drinking and more studying until finals are over! Then you can go crazy.

Good luck!

Knit Picking said...

Your mom really does look young. Good for you that you party together!

Snowberry & Lime said...

That video is just great! And I agree: more guys should get on the needles!