Friday, July 06, 2007

NEW Knitting Books are Coming~

Finally, new knitting books are coming out almost round the corner! In this post, i will list all the new knitting coming out this fall!

Let's start with new interweave books:(Check out the title for Pre-Order at amazon)

"Bag Style"

Innovative to Traditional, 22 Inspirational Handbags, Totes, and Carry-alls to Knit and Crochet
by Pam Allen and Ann Budd

Will be in November 2007

"Folk Style"

Innovative Designs to Knit including Sweaters, Hats, Scarves, Gloves and More
by Mags Kandis

Will be in October 2007

"The Best of Interweave Knits"
Our Favorite Designs From the First 10 Years
by Ann Budd with a foreward by Pam Allen

Will be in October 2007

"Knitting Little Luxuries"
Beautiful Accessories to Knit
by Louisa Harding

Will be in November 2007

"Felt Forward"
Modern Designs in Knitted Felt
by Maggie Pace

Will be in November 2007

"Knit Kimono"
18 Designs with Simple Shapes
by Vicki Square
Will be in September 2007

Lime & Volet was talking about this book visit their podcast and listen!

"The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters"
A Knit-to-Fit Workshop
by Lynne Vogel

Will be on September 2007

Harmony Guide: Cables and Arans
250 Stitches to Knit
by Erika Knight

Harmony Guide: Knit and Purl
250 Stitches to Knit
by Erika Knight

Harmony Guide: Lace and Eyelets
250 Stitches to Knit
All three books by Erika Knight

Will be on October 2007

Of cause... I dont forget about you... Crocheter! Here is the NEW Crochet books in this fall!

"Positively Crochet" 50 Fashionable Projects and Inspirational Tips by Mary Jane Hall

Will be on august 29 2007

"Crochet Me"
Designs to Fuel the Crochet Revolution
by Kim Werker

Will be on October 2007

MEN Knitting Book!

"Son of Stitch 'n Bitch" 45 Projects to Knit and Crochet for Men
by Debbie Stoller

Will be on October 30, 2007

Finally, guy knitting SnB book here! I Can't wait to get this! Best of all, here are 45 edgy, hipster patterns that are guy-vetted and approved, many designed by male master-knitters or women with men as design partners. Here's the Night & Day double-sided Brooklyn Bridge scarf. The Biker Boy sweater with a patch on the shoulder to protect against messenger bag wear and tear. Lucky Socks—think rat pack at the casino. Skull Isle Cap & Mitts. The Ernie sweater. Hangover Helpers—stuffed plush "beermeister" and "whiskey bottle" pillows. The Retropolitan Cardigan, with a geek-chic take on Mr. Rogers. Plus Man Hands (fingerless gloves), a Hackie Sack Hoodie, Pinup Girl Illusion scarf (oh, behave!), and more.

SOCKS BOOKS! Lot of knitters are knitting a sock right now...I dont belive three NEW sock kntting book in this fall? WOW! Check out does books and let's knit a socks!

"Getting Started Knitting Socks"
by Ann Budd

Will be on September 2007

"Vogue Knitting" The Ultimate Sock Book: History, Technique and Design
by the editors at Vogue

Will be on September 2007

"Knitting Circles Around Socks" Knit Two at a Time on Circular Needles by Antje Gillingham

will be on August 27, 2007

I will talk about more new knitting books review on my Video Cast! Stay return and watch!


Breibeest said...

Thank you so much for posting this list! DROOL! I think I'm going to buy the Son of a Stitch 'n Bitch for my man :-)

cici said...

Thanks Charles... so many to choose from.. I want them all...

KnitXcorE said...

I can't wait for Son of a SnB!!!!!!

pins&needles said...

The further I kept scrolling down, the more I want to blow my savings on knitting books. Thanks for the book lust. Plus, I am super excited about son of stich n bitch ever since I heard about it. I want it for the patterns.

dickie said...

awesome! i really want the son of a stitch & bitch! thanks for posting this list.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been posting much either. Either this blog thing was just a phase or I'm just super busy. anyways, I have updated pictures of a stole that I'm making if you're interested to go see.

Thanks for the list of books!!!

Nik said...

Wow. Thanks for this post. I didn't know that so much was due to come out.