Friday, December 08, 2006


Do you remember this Basketwave Scarf?

Elemmaciltur recived the scarf last week!!!!
The scarf finally meet the owner.

I send package with contents including a basketweave scarf, a card and two rolls of smarties.

And look at the pic with new owner!!! HE looks great on with scarf!! awsome!!

It is great gift for him...cold winter in Germany.

Anyway.........Today I saw Ayumi's ( Korean singer Group : Sugar) sings
Koda Kumi's "Cutie Honey"(Original singer)

IT is great song..I can't stop listening this both song but
I never can't figure out what is song meaning listen repeatedly with
Korean pronunciation.....

Ayumi'e "Cutie Honey"

Koda Kumi's "Cutie Honey"

Shes the girl with the latest fashion
Shes the girl with the small but
Look over here honey
Because, it is that
because, you know why
Please, please Don't hurt me
My heart is thumping
no! no!Don't stare!
Honey Flash

Youguys have a great weeken!!! HAPPY KNITTING!!!!


Elemmaciltur said...

Charles, the pictures aren't showing.

Knit Picking said...

It fits him perfectly! Well done Charles.

Eikon said...

Love the scarf; he's nice as well :)